Yesterday it was made official. President-elect Joe Biden selected his one-time opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination and former Mayor of South Bend to serve as the Secretary of Transportation.

Both progressives on the left and conservatives on the right will have their qualms about Mayor Pete becoming Secretary Pete — check out Twitter if you don’t believe me. But soon-to-be “Secretary” Pete’s South Bend track record and proposed national transportation policy proposals present hope for people in the transportation and mobility space who have sought innovation-centric leadership at the Department of Transportation (DOT).

This need for strong leadership and…

And what they mean for tech priorities

A few of tech-centric members of the Biden + Harris transition team.

During this Presidential Election season, there was very little discussion by either Joe Biden or Donald Trump about how either of their administrations would prioritize government technology across federal agencies and form policies that bolster innovation and technology in the US.

Now that the votes have generally been tabulated and it’s clear that President-elect Joe Biden will enter the White House in January, we can begin to imagine how tech policy will take shape under the Biden + Harris administration.

Unlike previous Obama and Clinton campaigns where technology was an explicit policy agenda…

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With the cacophony of election-related opinions blasting your social media and inboxes for the next few days, I had initially decided not to publish an article this week. After all, what more could be added to an already crowded discussion about Election Day 2020 and potential days of uncertainty ahead?

Well, that was my feeling until I noticed that within my startup friend circles there was one recurring question that founders, CEOs, board members, investors, and even individual employees of startups persistently are bringing up: Should my company take a political stance?

My answer is a YES.

Which Side Are You On?

This question of…

Regardless of the outcome on November 3, the next administration should move to form the US Department of Technology and Innovation led by the first ever appointed Secretary of Technology.

The formation of this new Department would unify and amplify existing Federal Agency technology work, including that being done by the Office of Science and Technology Policy, US Digital Service, and other tech-focused offices of our Federal bureaucracy. …

Senator Kamala Harris would be a champion for government technology — particularly for state local governments across the US.

What evidence is there to support this claim? Let’s circle back to when Sen. Harris introduced the Digital Service Act of 2019 and caused govtech leaders in both the public and private sectors to turn their heads.

The bill received little fanfare beyond the technology (TechCrunch) and government (GovTech) circles. And it gained only co-sponsor on the bill (Senator Patty Muray, D-WA).

Despite the lack of mainstream press, the bill itself represents the most promising potential to usher in the next…

The Local Government’s Next Normal report shows how rapidly COVID-19 has reshaped local government officials’ use of new software & points to future trends.

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COVID-19 has placed a tremendous burden on the thousands of local governments who serve millions of residents every day. Although there is a shared sense that the impacts of COVID-19 are reshaping local government, there has not been a clear picture of exactly ‘how’ things are changing and how local governments intend to evolve.

Too often the picture of COVID’s impact on local government has been obfuscated by the media and reports that focus on large…

Internships have become integral experiences for college and university students across the US. And for good reason. They enable you to see the real-world application of your academics and gain insights into professional environments beyond the academy. COVID-19 has radically changed the opportunity for students to get access to important internship experiences.

Available data shows that between 15%-25% of US summer internships were cancelled. No question, fall internships are being cut as well — meaning thousands students will miss out on these formative (sometimes life-changing) internship experiences. This loss not only robs talented individuals of opportunities to grow, but it…

Five key practices for government SaaS sales in uncertain times.

Like so many other startups, the Growth Team at RoadBotics has had to evolve our selling processes to meet the evolving needs of our clients and prospective clients — especially since our clients are almost exclusively local, county and state governments who are feeling incredible public health, political and financial pressure resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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If you are a startup or SaaS company that sells to government agencies, then you are certainly following the litany of doomsday reports elaborating on short-term and long-term budget shortfalls. For example, A National…

Join our team at RoadBotics.

Our core mission at RoadBotics is to use cutting edge AI to revolutionize the way governments manage and maintain the world’s 8 million miles of roads. Our technology gives governments unprecedented data on the condition of their roads, which drives more informed maintenance decisions. Or in other, words fewer pot holes and bad roads.

Why does our company focus on using tech to help improve the worlds roads? Put simply they are the world’s largest public asset. That means that a ton of public resources go into ensuring safe and adequate transport of the worlds 7.5 billion people! To date…

Diving head first into a startup is an excellent way to accelerate your career and to get involved early with a company whose potential success could translate into big financial reward for you. The latter is made possible through Stock Option Programs.

Based on my experiences in startups, I’ve seen that new employees too often have a limited understanding of Stock Options, particularly those folks joining a startup for the first time. I’ve participated in many conversations where team members express confusion with Stock Option Plans, which can be intimidating legal documents.

If you are a first timer to the…

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Government Tech, Policy + Politics | Founder @ Recode America Govtech + Entrepreneurship Practice Leader @ KRNLS

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