Calling all people who want to help solve big problems for governments.

Join our team at RoadBotics.

Our core mission at RoadBotics is to use cutting edge AI to revolutionize the way governments manage and maintain the world’s 8 million miles of roads. Our technology gives governments unprecedented data on the condition of their roads, which drives more informed maintenance decisions. Or in other, words fewer pot holes and bad roads.

Why does our company focus on using tech to help improve the worlds roads? Put simply they are the world’s largest public asset. That means that a ton of public resources go into ensuring safe and adequate transport of the worlds 7.5 billion people! To date, our tech spans 15 countries across 4 continents and has helped more than 150 customers impact millions of people. Check out a free version of our tech here.

Our team is thrilled to be moving into a new phase of our growth. We are a venture-backed start-up that has raised over $10M to accelerate our growth and impact. Growth means that we are looking for more folks who believe in the power of technology to change government to join our team.

Our team members are committed to using tech to help governments solve massive problems. Although our team shares a collective mission, we come from a variety of backgrounds: from baristas and anthropologists to software engineers and digital marketers. If you’re like one of us and are crazy enough to think that you could have impact on one of the world’s intractable problems, check out the posting below.

Open Full-time Positions

  • Evangelists | Our evangelists are ambassadors who find creative ways to tell the world about RoadBotics, our tech and our customers.| Apply now
  • Partner Development/Growth Leads| Our partner growth leads are the front line of bringing new enterprise partners to our platform. | Apply now
  • Solutions Engineers| Our solutions engineers tackle partner/customer challenges and ensure a world class product experience.| Apply now
  • Partner Success Leads| Our success leads are dedicated to enabling our enterprise partners to reach their business goals. | Apply now
  • Software Engineer — Data| This engineer improves internal tools to scale our systems for ingesting, transforming and delivering data.| Apply now
  • Software Engineer — JavaScript | This engineer builds customer-facing products React leveraging modern JavaScript techniques.| Apply now
  • Software Engineer — Mobile | This engineer ensures that we have a best in class mobile development environment.| Apply now

If you have questions or just want to figure out how you can support the cause, feel free to also email me directly at



Government Tech, Policy + Politics | Founder @ Recode America Govtech + Entrepreneurship Practice Leader @ KRNLS

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