What has our Growth Team learned about selling SaaS solutions to governments during COVID-19?

Five key practices for government SaaS sales in uncertain times.

Like so many other startups, the Growth Team at RoadBotics has had to evolve our selling processes to meet the evolving needs of our clients and prospective clients — especially since our clients are almost exclusively local, county and state governments who are feeling incredible public health, political and financial pressure resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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If you are a startup or SaaS company that sells to government agencies, then you are certainly following the litany of doomsday reports elaborating on short-term and long-term budget shortfalls. For example, A National League of Cities and United States Conference of Mayors released survey data that shows the grim budgetary impact COVID-19 is having on municipal governments’ abilities to secure revenues. According to the survey, 88% of local leaders anticipate the pandemic will lead to painful reductions in revenue this year, which will undoubtedly negatively impact their ability to maintain as well as purchase new software solutions that are critical to their operations.

Unfortunately and frustratingly, much of the pandemic’s impact on government budgets and purchasing is out of the control of companies like RoadBotics and other SaaS providers. And yet, COVID-19 has shown that it is more critical than ever to have governments — from local to state to federal — move towards more SaaS, cloud-based service offerings to ensure resiliency in operations and service delivery to constituents.

To help other govtech startups and government service SaaS companies meet the challenges presented by this ‘new normal’ of government purchasing, our Growth Team at RoadBotics has compiled our key learnings.

1. Consider Location.

2. Listen to your Prospects & Track their Insights.

3. Reassess & Reframe Your Value Proposition.

4. Adopt Multi-Channel Outbound & Track Access to Decision Makers

5. Test New Payment Models.

We hope that our key learnings provide a framework for other SaaS sales teams across the US to better reach the government professionals who their technology seeks to have a lasting positive impact. There is no question that software solutions and data are the tools that enable outstanding elected and non-elected leaders to be revolutionizing forces for enhanced government operations in the 21st century. Let’s not allow COVID-19 to undermine tech companies’ ability to provide such critical value to our government leadership across the US and the world.

Government Tech, Policy + Politics | Founder @ Recode America Govtech + Entrepreneurship Practice Leader @ KRNLS

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